Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Movie Spoilers Special - The Dead…Will Rise Q&A

On today’s show, P1 and Lina interview special guests Lee Godwin and Jordan L. Salkil, stars of The Dead…Will Rise. They talk about their experiences making the movie, their work at Eye Open Pictures Entertainment, and we read your comments. This was a great show with lots of great advice for aspiring film makers.
Eye Open Pictures Entertainment Site:
Eye Open Pictures Entertainment YouTube Page:


  1. I'm just curious what these Movie Spoilers studio looks like lol. Great show though, I do gotta say the four of you had great chemistry. P1 you were right Lee is like you and Jordan is like Lina lol.

    YAY!!! I get to hang out with The Phenomenal One himself well it's about damn time lol.

    So when & where?

    1. Adriana you can email me at

  2. Well Lina, I saw Battleship last night and heard you talk about Rihanna in this Q&A. I wanna know what does Rihanna being dressed down have to do with her performance because she was fucking horrible. This whole damn movie was a joke.

  3. Great interview you guys, Im more curious to hear you guys talk more about Twilight now lol.


  4. Amazing show again which is nothing new right? Anyways kept up the great work and I'm very proud.


    I like pie. (board moment)

  5. You see, I think you guys have a special in the waiting. Twilight would be a perfect special for you guys.

    Think About It

  6. My five weapons to Choose in a zombie apocalypse are

    1) shotgun
    2) Machete
    3) chainsaw
    4) crossbow
    5) metal pipe

  7. Speaking of Re-releasing a film in 3D, how come you guys don't review 3D films?