Sunday, May 20, 2012

Movie Spoilers 13 - The Dictator and Battleship

Today TPO and Lina review The Dictator and Battleship.  We also warn you, the listeners, about 3 more upcoming movies based on boardgames. We discuss Chernobyl Diaries trailer, comments, upcoming blu-ray releases and upcoming movie releases, too.

Beyond Battleship: 3 More Board Game Movies in the Works -

Chernobyl Diaries Official Trailer #1 -


  1. Love the show which nothing new, but what is new that people on Google plus is loving you guys.

    Your welcome Lina and The Phenomenal One just joking. I'm always glad to help you guys.

    Amazing job on your 13 episode I hope you guys reach 100 episode.

  2. Fucking Phenomenal One, I really cant stop laughing when you do that damn frog impression. Great show you guys, Lina felt very "PASSIONATE" about Battleship lol.

  3. Damn it sounds like Battleship is that movie that just broke Lina. It's amazing how both you and TPO hate movies that came from the makers of Transformers.

  4. It's Just RyanMay 22, 2012 at 6:28 PM

    You can actually go to Chernobyl. Tours are offered to go there for around 96 dollars per person. Radiation levels are actually really low and safe for people to visit.

    1. That may be true but I gotta agree with TPO here. I would never want to go to Chernobyl that just seems like a waste of a vacation and time.

      No offense to people either from that area or near that area.

  5. Well I just saw The Dictator and holy shit what garbage, ugh Lina you better give Three Stooges a stream it if you give this one.