Sunday, May 6, 2012

Movie Spoilers 11 - The Avengers

Today TPO and Lina discuss The Avengers, upcoming Hulk movies, the box office, and new The Dark Knight Rises trailer. We also read comments. And talk about The Avengers some more.
THE AVENGERS Earns $18.7 Million in Midnight Showings; Breaks Superhero Movie Record -
The Dark Knight Rises Trailer -


  1. Amazing show like always. The Avengers was amazing movie it ranks up there with The Dark Knight.

    Long Live Movie Spoilers

  2. Also I'm with you Phenomenal One I love The Avengers more than The Dark Knight.

  3. Phenomenal One you can call me whatever you want because I know you'll just call me that anyway. How do you work with him Lina? Lol

    Great show though, I really did love this film and after hearing this show I wanna see it again. And Wow! That's a bold statement to make TPO that The Avengers was better than The Dark Knight.

  4. Its great to see that Lina who's not that big on action films can even appreciate this film, so you guys are right I don't know who the fuck could dislike The Avengers.

    Also damn Phenomenal One I know your getting a lot of emails from Nolan fans after that statement you made. Hopefully you stay safe from those nolanites lol


  5. Great show & all but where the fuck is that LOL review. The Avengers is ok but damnit I think I speak for everyone when I say we want that LOL review.

  6. To all these people saying I am waiting for the "Justice League" movie, instead of just enjoying the Marvel-ous Avengers:You will be waiting for a long, long time. Warner Brothers is so far from making a JLA movie, it isn't even funny.

    (This is not directed to anyone on Movie Spoilers. This is just to the general DC fanboy sentiment on the internet.)

  7. Really? The best action movie you've ever seen, well obviously you haven't seen Fast Five or Transformers Dark of the Moon.

  8. Fast Five and Transformers Dark of the Moon had piss poor action scenes on where the Avengers was fresh and breathing to watch super heroes fighting against each other or fighting side by side with another.

  9. I absolutely love Christopher Nolan's take on Batman and this trailer looks epic. Where do you guys see The Batman series going after Nolan is done with The Dark Knight Rises?

  10. Lmao omg it was so funny hearing TPO imitate Mel Gibson, had me laughing hard while driving

    Great Show you guys

  11. This is great and all but where the fuck is that LOL review. You guys are slacking if you cant review one box office smash hit like LOL.


  12. Just wanted to say I don't have any great special ideas for you guys this week. I just wanted to say I listen to lots of movie podcast shows and I write comments/questions to all of them. It's great to hear my comments get read on this show, I know you guys probably don't wanna read all comments but I do appreciate you guys reading mine every episode.

    Thank You
    Movie Spoilers

    How about doing a Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer special, think about it