Monday, May 14, 2012

Movie Spoilers 12 - Dark Shadows with Special Guest Jordan of MaxCast

In today’s show, TPO, Lina and special guest Jordan from MaxCast discuss Dark Shadows, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, James Cameron’s decision to make only Avatar movies from now on, comments, MIB 3 trailer, and upcoming Blu-rays and movies.
4 Artists Who Should Probably Just Take a Break for a While -
James Cameron Talks AVATAR 2, 3, Even AVATAR 4; Says He Now Only Wants to Make AVATAR Movies -


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  2. I've heard that the movie was disappointing to more than a few folks. Tim Burton actually doesn't play into the typical Hollywood scenarios. He flows on his own artistically. Great podcast guys. Isaiah sent me on over! Worth the trip!

  3. Great show again guys and Jordan of MaxCast was awesome guest.

    The awesome music that was playing at the beginning and at ending of the show what was the name of the song?

    Lastly Avengers make a billion dollars last week.


    Just Watch Avengers again Lina

  4. Omg TPO you had me crying in laughter through your impression of the Michigan J. Frog.

    Fucking hilarious

  5. Phenomenal One, I usually always laugh when you do impressions but damn did you outdid yourself. I thought your Mel Gibson impression was funny but not as funny as your WB impression.

    Great show you guys

  6. I so can not wait for "Starving Games" to come out so I can hear P1 lose his shit on how much he hates Aaron Friedberg & Jason Seltzer. It's going to be Movie Spoilers history in the making.

  7. Thats no excuse you guys. The fact of the matter is this we wanna hear an LOL review. TPO you live 8hrs away well then get to driving & Lina I don't see what's stopping you from going to a major state to see the awesomeness that is Miley Cyrus as LoL.

    Shame on you guys

  8. Damn Lina! so TPO finally got you to sing and it was to a Will Smith song. I take it he's growing on you now lol. Mr. Phenomenal you now got my friends calling me Natie, UGH

    guess I have to thank you for that