Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Movie Spoilers 14 - Men in Black 3 and Chernobyl Diaries

We’re baaaaack! Listen to TPO and Lina review MIB III and Chernobyl Diaries. They also discuss TPO’s experience meeting a fan of the show, comments, upcoming movies, and how the hell they are supposed to make Fifty Shades of Grey into a movie.
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  2. Man I miss you guys, but I'm glad you and Lina had sometime off.

    Anyways I can't believe MIB 3 beat the Might Avengers that bull.

    I saw it last week and to me it reminded me on how far the MIB series has lost it magic from the first one.

    Also for the fans other stalking TP1 and Lina need to relax their still human. Well TP1 is more than human.

    Before I go Happy late Memorial Day to you Lina thanks for doing your job at the Navy. That goes to you to TP1. Thanks for being black for once.

  3. I had tons of fun with you on Saturday P1.

    Great show you guys, Lina you had me cracking up when P1 told you tell that fan to go fuck himself lol.

    Why the hell you didn't tell me P1 your bday is next week ugh

  4. Hahaha you guys are hilarious, funny as hell hearing you guys do the booty warrior impression.

    Damn you P1 you had me crying in laughter.
    I wanna see this Movie Spoilers HQ if Leeny Kravitz is doing the designs lol

  5. Haha loved how Lina told that person to go fuck their self when P1 told her to. That had laughing in tears. Their are tons of female protagonists but Lina who is your favorite female character? Someone that you'd like to see that character be in a lot of movies.

    Same question for you P1 but with roles reveresed.

    Thanks you guys big fan of The Spoiling Critics

    P1 can I get a tour of Movie Spoilers Studios

  6. Great Show!! this might be my favorite episode. Been a fan since day one and I gotta say you guys have come a long way since Episode 1. Your chemistry has gotten even better, TPO's audio, having a structural order as far as how the show plays out and even little touches like just adding that PHENOMENAL music (see what I did their P1 lol).

    Keep up the great work you spoiling bastards lol

  7. Well I'm glad you guys are back, everyone needs to charge their batteries like I do for my armor. Now my only problem with you guys taking a vacation is you guys still haven't post a "LOL" review. Can you guys get with the times, DAMN!!!