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Movie Spoilers is an award nominated movie review site hosted by The Phenomenal One (TPO/P1). Each week they see the latest films and spoil them in podcast format. Movie Spoiler episodes is the main podcast of the site where The Phenomenal One and Khody talk about the latest movie news, read listener mail, talk some box office news, blu-ray releases and trailer talk. The site provides reviews that gives the listener a voice of the average movie viewer.  So check out these shows that is entertaining and consistently informative for the true movie lovers.


  1. I loved the podcast! It's funny how you ended up giving all 3 movies a fuck it! I had some hope for silent house, but hearing the plot and how it ends, that just sounds awful. And props to you for seeing 1,000 words!!

  2. For Episode 20, how about an origin story? how about an introduction on how you 2 started podcasting? How was Movie Spoilers even thought of and did you guys intially have all this planned out from the start?

  3. IMDB pages and being on Itunes well I was hoping to find a Wikipedia page for you guys. I've been a listener since day one so I think I can put together a little something. Let me know if this sounds about right you guys.

    Movie Spoilers Wikipedia Page

    Movie Spoilers Podcast is an award winning movie topic podcast, created by it's two hosts The Phenomenal One & Lina. They are the only two who work on the site and together they are known as The Spoiling Hosts. They review movies with a stylistic vibe of being uncut, with a down to earth sensation. Unlike most film critics they seem to have a understanding of your typical movie viewers and they speak for their typical movie goers.

    Lina was doing her own podcast called What's New for awhile and decided to have a guest for her Best/Worst films of 2011. She went to a site called Spill.com where she found The Phenomenal One. The special became so big for Lina that she decided to quit What's New & team up with The Phenomenal one & together they formed a weekly podcast about spoiling movies called Movie Spoilers.

    The Phenomenal One: His character is a resemblance to Korey Coleman creator of Spill.com but sometimes have the same opinions of both Leon & Korey of SPILL. He is known for providing most of the humor for the show while womanizing Latin &/or white women & usually having a racist joke or two. He has a big obsession with the host of Beyond The Trailer Grace Randolph & hopes to be side by side with her one day. Phenomenal One is very knowledgeable on comic book films and pointing out unusual things in films & he always strives to provide humor for his fans & co-host while telling people in the fine art to go fuck themselves.
    Lina: she sis known as the articulate & smart one of the dynamic duo. Her skills include being on the mic, editing the podcasts & posting the content on the site. Even though P1 sees mroe films than she does that doesn't stop her from having great responses & feedback. She may be sweet on the outside but being around her co-host has definitely given this one some fight. Being a huge Harry Potter fan, she is most knowledgeable in book to film adaptation. If it was a book made into a movie chances are Lina has read it. She is also known for being the one with one liners & catchphrases such as 'To Be Continued' 'Anyways' & 'What's Up.'

    -Rating System
    Both critics each give their rating at the end of of each film they review. The Phenomenal One was the one who came up with this rating system to make them stand out from other critics.

    SEE IT - Means this film has warrant the satisfaction to see in theaters.

    RENT IT - Means it had some flaws but shouldn't rush out to see in theaters but should wait for it for rental at a local Blockbuster or Redbox.

    STREAM IT - Meaning this movie isn't worth the rush for you to go out your way, just wait for it to come to you.

    Hope you guys like this because I am a big fan of your guys work & your episodes brighten my days when I'm feeling down.

    FUCK IT - Don't waste your fucking time with this abomination