Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Upcoming Movie Spoilers Special: Best/Worst Movies of 2012

Wow! It's been a year since the first Movie Spoilers episode and what a year it has been! Join Lina and P1 as they go over their Top 10 Best & Worst Movies of 2012. They will record this episode on 27 Dec so make sure to comment here and let us know what your picks are for best/worst movies. Also let us know your favorite Movie Spoiler moment/episode is and why.

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  1. Best-Argo
    Worst-Playing for Keeps

    However, I didn't see Zero Dark Thirty, Les Mis or Django Unchained yet.

  2. Oh hands down my favorite of the year was Skyfall and the worst of the year was Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. My favorite movie spoilers moment had to be when P1 changed his rating on The Amazing Spiderman just seconds after giving it a higher rating. That had me laughing all week.

  3. I only came up with a top 5 because I didnt really see too much this year so here goes.

    Best: 5)American Reunion (not a popular choice on with the Spoiling hosts)
    4) Total Recall
    3) Battleship
    2) Hotel Transylvania
    1) The Dark Knight Rises

    worst: 5) Mirror Mirror
    4) Snow White & The Huntsman
    3) Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2
    2) Good Deeds
    1) Wrath of the Titans

    My favorite movie spoilers moment was in the Cloud Atlas review and TPO called that guy a silver back monkey lmao. Racism at it's best.

  4. I would like to hear both of you guys' thoughts on the trailers from Scary Movie 5 and Dark Skies.

  5. My favorite Movie Spoilers moment was having P1 nearly cry with laughter after reading Sly Stallone's comment to Lina.

  6. My favorite Movie Spoilers moment has to be a tie between Lina trying to explain Battleship lol & Tpo saying a bowel movement is still shit in his Red Dawn review. My favorite episode is Episode 35, that Alex Cross review was gold.

    Worst movie of the year was Battleship hands down. Best movie of the year was Silver Linings Playbook that film was beautiful, thanks TPO for the recommendation.

  7. I can't love Grace Randolph as much as P1 but I'm pretty damn close there. My favorite Movie Spoilers moment though is in your TOTAL RECALL review you guys got Grace to say FUCK IT & FUCK ME. Instant shock right away but was clapping at the same time. My favorite episode was The Avengers special you guys did with Grace Randolph, that one was a classic.

    5)The Dark Knight Rises
    3)21 Jump Street
    1)The Avengers

    5)Playing For Keeps
    4)Total Recall
    3)The Devil Inside
    2)Rock of Ages
    1)Step Up 4 (Whatever the fuck its called)

  8. It feels just like yesterday I tuned into that first episode of Movie Spoilers but here goes my favorite Movie Spoilers moment. My favorite moment is the first time Martin Berstein left his first comment. As P1 would say, "That's a comment for your ass" lol. That little guy was a special character and very attached to you P1. Now for my favorite movie of the year it was ding ding Life of P1. P1 you racist/sexist/womanizing fiend you, who knew you had such an interesting story to tell and was so heart warming. Korey Coleman Jr. nothing my friend. Lina you should be proud lol. Their really is no need for any introductions for the worst film of the year and that's Chernobyl Diaries. What a waste of fucking time? I was pumped into seeing this and potential was just gone from start to finish.