Monday, December 31, 2012

Movie Spoilers 43 - Les Misérables & Django Unchained

On the last episode of Movie Spoilers of 2012, Lina and TPO record together in person! They spoil Les Misérables and Django Unchained. Two of the longest movies of the year, and yet made the shortest episode. They also read your comments, go over the blu-ray and weekend movie releases and trailer talk. Going out of 2012 with an ACTION PACKED bang!!! 

Texas Chainsaw 3D Trailer - 


  1. I actually saw Django again, and I didn't enjoy it as much the second time. It went on way too long at the end and it was slow in some parts at the plantation. The best part for me was the first hour. I still stand by liking Les Miserables though, surprised you guys hated it so much. I did find parts of it slow, but it is more effective than Django to me. I loved the relationship between Javert (Zhaver) and Jean Valjean (Zhan Valzhan).

  2. What up my spoiling basters! I did see Django and I have to agree with my friend UnCaged Beefcake over here. Seeing the movie the first time is awesome as fuck, but seeing it the second time the movie does feel a little boring. Also the over use of N-gger was getting old in my book. So this movie is a half Fucking See It and Fucking Rent It.

    Can someone please give Leonardo DiCaprio a fucking Oscar already!

    Now to Les Misérables. I fucking love this movie and I don't watch a lot musical films. With Les Misérables is very special case because the actor was really sing with the music and it's spot on. The only the thing I can say is a FUCKING SEE IT!

    Side note: Hey Lina and TP1 will you guys the best and worst 2012 list? I got a list of the best and worst films of 2012.

    Side Note 2: Spolier Alert Texas Chainsaw 3D is the same fucking movie as before, but this time there's a black guy who will first or last of his rich white friends. Also who said Trey Songz can act again?

  3. I never say this about a movie but Texas Chainsaw 3D looks like trash

  4. C'mon guys, I was clearly doing an Australian accent at the end of Nigger Unchained!

  5. Did you notice that Quentin Tarantino never actually used the N-word when he was acting in Django? He only said Blackie.

  6. LMAO P1, did you just say, "in the history of niggadom?" omg your racism is too damn funny to be ignored.

  7. Man I would of paid extra just to get into that new years party, sucks not being 21. What's the craziest party you guys ever been too? or was your party the craziest?

    1. I feel your pain, Kerri. P1 told me that I could go once I reached the age of 18, when my Guidodom can be fully expressed and completely beefy.

  8. Say WHAT? P1 personally invited you? Do you like know him or something Uncaged Beefcake. P1 I want a personal invitation, I'm about to be 18.

  9. Man I sure do miss the good ol days of movie spoilers well mainly whenever TPO gives Lina shit. I noticed he doesn't do to much of that anymore. After hearing some of these recent podcasts and seeing pictures of them together its pretty obvious that Lina is sleeping with P1. Taking the easy way out of getting shit talked to you I see Lina.