Monday, December 3, 2012

Movie Spoilers 39 - Killing Them Softly & The Collection

On today’s episode of Movie Spoilers, P1 and Lina spoil Killing Them Softly and The Collection.  We also read your comments, talk about their upcoming new show, blu-ray and weekend movie releases, and trailer talk. ACTION PACKED!!!

Playing For Keeps Trailer -


  1. What up my crazy my people of Movie Spoilers mostly Lina and TP1.

    Man last week was really slow due to Twilight bs, but the two the movie I saw interesting for a good and bad reason.

    Good reason: Killing them softly was a good mafia movie, but it didn't live up to the hype I had for it. Brad Pitt was amazing in the movie and so cast in the film. However; their message in the film was overbearing to me and middle act was kind of boring at times. I would have to say it Fucking Rent It!

    Note: Killing Them Softly must be seen in a group.

    Bad reason: The Collection was some bullshit in my book. The only thing about this film is it main character Josh Stewart as Arkin O'Brien. The film was so fucking boring than the first which I didn't like. Also the ending was really bullshit by the way. However; I do like the villain The Collector. So this film was A FUCK IT!

    Note: The film was boring because the traps and plot was hard to believe.

  2. This was a pretty damn entertaining episode. I think you guys have found your rhythm on how to put a awesome show every week now regardless of what movies you are reviewing. Keep up the great work and hope everything works out P1 for you and your family.


  3. The black guy from OhioDecember 4, 2012 at 8:32 PM

    Hey P1, what kind of Ipad mini's you got out there in LA?

  4. What a great show this was? Awesome! that's how great and like my brother said you guys have found a formula to make each show better than the previous episode.

  5. Phenomenal job (no pun intended P1) you guys, this show was just an all around good show. Pretty equal on both accounts as well, you guys delivered the same amount of comedy as well as just being informative. Great job guys and keep at it.

  6. So I take it you didnt like The Collection did you Lina? and I can't wait to hear more about this new show, it sounds like P1 has some interesting stories to tell. You really are a true Korey Coleman my friend lol.

  7. You guys are crazy! The Collection was the scariest thing out this year. A real classic to horror films and much better than those Saw movies. MUCH BETTER.

  8. Lina I hope you were joking about that make up sex at the beginning of the show because I told P1 to stay away from you and take that thing called Kerri.