Saturday, December 29, 2012

Upcoming Movie Spoilers Review: Django Unchained & Les Misérables

On the next episode of Movie Spoilers, Lina and The Phenomenal One will spoil Django Unchained, starring Jamie Foxx and Christopher Waltz, and Les Misérables, starring Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman. Let us know what you think of these movies by voting on how you would rate them and leaving a comment.

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  1. Well, how it's going there, Lina & P1? It's the same Mark (MAK2.0 AKA The Hybrid on Spill) that commented on Facebook about the best/worst of 2012 list episode, which I would like to say thank you for noticing me, although my comment could have been longer.

    Now what I thought of Django Unchained is that I absolutely love the movie from start to finish. Despite of the much controversy of "N****gate" or 48 NPS, personally, I wasn't offended by how many times it was used during the movie but it did get annoying after awhile. The performances all around were excellent from Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio & Jamie Foxx, in that order. Kerry Washington as the film's plot device Broomhilda is really not that great as she does only serve to be in terror or shock. The movie did drag down a little during the second act although one part I might have missed in how Broomhilda was kidnapped.

    As for the music used, the only thing that really had me at "WTF" as the use of Rick Ross and his song, "100 Black Coffins". Yeah, it wasn't the one I liked. The other songs in the movie were actually great to listen to, even the very last song by The RZA in the end credits.

    It's already one of my top favorite movies of 2012 and for me, it's definitely a See It.

  2. How'd y'all niggers like my new nigger Nigger Unchained?

  3. Les Miserables was a good film with a compelling story and really interesting character journeys. I was bored at some parts in the middle, but ultimately it was a very emotional and well acted movie. Django Unchained was good too, even if the plantation dinner scene went on forever. I loved the dialogue, the gore and the characters. Great performances and suspense. My favorite character was Dr. King Schultz, but Leo was good too. The movie ranged from hilarious to disturbing scenes. The funniest scene was the KKK mask scene and the most brutal one was when the guy got eaten by dogs. I'd like to see Django again and the N-word usage in the movie did not bother me. What bothered me the most was Quentin Tarantino's terrible acting performance. Quentin, just stick to writing and directing!