Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Throwback Tuesday Episode 1 - District 9 (2009)

In this first episode of Throwback Tuesday, The Phenomenal One (Movie Spoilers) and Z (Eye Open Podcast) take a trip back to 2009 to review Neil Blomkamp’s District 9.


  1. Wassup TPO! Just wanted to say that the throwback movie review podcast is a nice concept, I really enjoyed listening to it and hopefully more to come. District 9 was a dope movie and I too own the DVD. I really hope they make a District 10 or sequel because that ending left me wanting more ("or whatever") LOL. Oh and the antagonist, black cuz, I agree dude was scary as shit! He was a good actor but menacing as hell! Great casting work overall and special effects was tight too! Anyways, keep up the great work, cant wait to listen to more podcasts . . . even if Lehew is still on em! LOL Im fuxin witcha!

    P.S. details on comic con event, I needs my VIP pass! LOL
    - Robert from the Bay

  2. This was a great idea for a show to put on this site. I personally can't wait for the next episode.