Thursday, May 16, 2013

Movie Spoilers Episode 60

In episode 60 we go over more Iron Man 3 (Really people still?) The Great Gatsby (Still?), Drew being a dick as usual, Lehew’s love for THE ARNOLD, P1 and Lehew’s love of Dream Warriors, comments, blu-ray releases, box office news, and a little trailer talk for Star Trek Into Darkness. Enjoy!


  1. Hey guys I got a bone to pick. I just got out of Star Trek which I am a huge fan of but I'm also a huge fan or Iron Man. That story in Star Trek was so damn convuluted and watered down that kind of made me lose interest. Here's the deal, so I hear people giving Iron Man 3 shit even though it followed the plot devices pretty well from the book but Star Trek Into Darkness was nothing like a Star Trek movie or show but yet people are loving it. Even though people lose their shit when things are changed it would seem that if you change a story and a lot of cool action scenes then people won't bitch and complain. Do you guys think this is true?

    P.s. Great job on getting another Alex on the show P1


  2. Hey P1, will you post a blog or update the events page on the comic con party you are planning with spill.con also do you have to be 21 and over to attend? Hopefully not it would be really cool to meet you and Korey in the same place lol.

  3. If you guys could make your own movie with a decent budget and any actor at your disposal, what kind of movie would you make? who would you cast? and what would be the title?