Friday, September 7, 2012

Upcoming Movie Spoilers Special: Summer Movie Wrap-Up

On the next Movie Spoilers Special, Lina and The Phenominal One will discuss the best and worst that the 2012 Summer had to offer. From soaring highs, The Avengers, to soul crushing lows, anything with Tayler Kitsch. Be sure to vote on which movies you think are the best/worst and include a list of the movies you most enjoyed and most hated this summer.  By the way, we are including any movies that came out from May until August.

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  1. Man the Avengers killed my summer in a good way while TDKR was just there nothing more. It not bad movie by any means, but there's was one plot hole that killed TDKR for me and I'm going to leave it there.

  2. Avengers for the win

  3. Now that you guys have met and everything, Im curious what did you guys think of each other? Is there better chemistry between the two of you? the same or did you guys find yourselves getting annoyed with one another? Also Savages was the worst piece of shit this summer had to offer, can't wait to hear what you guys think.