Thursday, September 13, 2012

Upcoming Movie Spoilers Review: Resident Evil: Retribution and Summer Breakdown

On the next episode of Movie Spoilers (which will not be lost to the annals of time) P1 and Lina will review Resident Evil: Retribution and go over the best and worst movies of the summer.....again.  When you've seen the movie be sure to vote on the poll and leave a review in the comments.  There will also be story time as they go over their weekend in Swanton, Ohio at Eye Open Pictures Entertainment Movie Studios Incorporated.

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  1. Summer review again? When did you guys do it the first time? Hope you guys liked my version of a Wikipedia page, maybe you'll have one some day. I would do it if I knew how but my question is how come these Resident Evil movies are nothing like the game? I'm starting to think Milla Jovoich has no personality after watching all these movies.

  2. Spoiler Alert: Fuck this Resident Evil movie, Next!

  3. The Amazing Spider Man, The Avengers and ParaNorman are the best of the summer movies that I've seen. The only bad one I saw was The Apparition. I avoided most of the movies that were on your bad list except The Campaign, which, in my opinion, does not belong there.