Friday, June 8, 2012

Upcoming Movie Spoilers Review - Prometheus and Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

On the next episode of Movie Spoilers, Lina and P1,the birthday boy, will be reviewing Prometheus and Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.  When you’ve seen the movie, be sure to vote in our poll on the right and leave a review in the comments sections below. 

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  1. Happy Birthday P1 ya spoiling bastard you

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  3. There are spoilers for 'Prometheus' is this post. Please do not read if you haven't seen the movie.

    Since this is the movie spoiler show, maybe you can answer my spoilery questions. Or at least co-sign when i say "WTF" to some of the movie's points.

    Question 1: Why did the space jockey at the very beginning of the movie drink that "stuff" which caused his body to disintegrate? What was the point of all that?

    Question 2: Why did the android, David, put the black shit in Charlie's drink, which led to his death? What was the point to all of that? Was it just to test the effects of an alien substance on a human?

    WTF Moments 1 and 2: The next two points are rhetorical questions and are related. Were you as confused as I was when Fifeld (the creepy geologist with the fucked up haircut and beard) was all agitated when everyone first the discovered the dead alien body, and he and the other guy took off to go back to the ship?

    Same thing with Dr. Shaw's boyfriend Charlie. When they had the space jockey's head in the lab, this motherfucker look nonplussed. He was pissed because they didn't find any living aliens. Hey mother fucker! You just discovered the first sentient alien civilization and a perfectly preserved body...You spent years of your life to get to this point. You are supposed to be some kid of anthropologist! Hell even the average joe would be excited about this. Same thing with Idris Elba: This dude was looking at video of giant dead aliens and he didn't give a fuck, like it was the average everyday thing.

    WTF Moment 3: Going back to the two guys who left the expedition early. While the others get back to the ship before the storm, those two get lost in the caverns. Uh, y'all just sent out drones that mapped this place. And you left before everyone else. Why didn't you ask the captain to guide your asses out as soon as you realized your were lost?

    WTF Moment 3. When the fallen ship came bearing down on Charlize Theron, why didn't she just run to the side and move out of the way? That annoyed me.

  4. Hey Lina, where exactly is Movie Spoilers located? I got a gift basket for the birthday boy. It's got some of his favorites: A Thousand Words, The Devil Inside, The Dictator (bootleg of course lol) & The transformers Anthology on Blue-Ray that comes with a Bad Boys 2 poster lol.

    You think he will just love that, Right Lina?

  5. How come you guys don't do separate shows for like the Oscars, Golden Gloves or even the MTV Awards?