Saturday, June 16, 2012

Upcoming Movie Spoilers Review: That’s My Boy and Rock of Ages

On the next episode of Movie Spoilers, TPO and Lina will be reviewing Rock of Ages and That’s My Boy.  When you’ve seen these movies, be sure to vote in our poll on the right and leave a review in the comments sections below. 

FYI: There will not be an episode this Sunday, 17 Jun.  TPO is in Austin, TX this weekend at Spill Dot Con having what sounds like the time of his life.  He has already met the entire Spill Crew and I am completely jealous.  But don’t worry. The next episode will be posted sometime next week.  

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  1. So Lina, do you think TPO will see any of these movies? I don't think he will wanna fuck up his awesome vacation with these winners.

  2. Lina, I've been seeing P1's Facebook posts and the pics he's gotten into. My question is how the fuck could you let P1 have all the fun?

  3. P1 are you gonna talk about the spill con? Hopefully you have some cool pics of you grinning your ass off. This will be a great show, can't wait to hear.

  4. This question is not movie related but I'd like to get some advice.

    Hey P1 so with you being in Spill Con, I'm sure you seen tons of attractive girls but I bet there's always that one you wanted to talk to. My question is how do you approach someone like that and let her know that your interested in her?

    P.s. I'm kind of on the shy side, I'm 16 and I wanna approach this girl I went to school with. Also feel free to elaborate as well Lina.

    Thanks Again guys
    Keep up the great work

  5. Well its been two days and still no episode.

    You Spoiling Bastards need to get it together and stop taking so many damn vacations.