Sunday, June 10, 2012

Movie Spoilers 16 - Prometheus and Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Today the birthday boy, TPO and Lina review Prometheus and Madagascar 3. We also discuss an upcoming sequel that no one is asking for, comments, upcoming blu-ray releases and movies, and the That’s My Boy trailer. It’s an action packed show!!!
P.S. Once again the audio is not steller for this episode, We had a lot of issues with Skype and we did the best we could to edit around that. Hopefully it is not to noticeable. So please excuse the audio. We are doing our best to fix it.
Universal Moves Forward with Sequel to SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN -
That’s My Boy trailer -


  1. You guys are gonna give me shit, but I think That's My Boy trailer looks funny and I'm thinking best comedy of the year.

  2. I am a huge alien fan and like P1 said ppl like love this film or really hate it. Well I absolutely hated this movie, I mean I honestly don't understand what was the whole point of why these characters did what they did? And that ending was like the director telling ppl okay we are past 2 hours so wrap this up quickly. Why the fuck would Dr. Shaw want to visit their home planet? Fuck this movie, it's logic makes no sense.

  3. Hahaha I think your right Lina, apparently Tyler Perry didn't have a lunch lady role for Ciara. Maybe next year he can have her be the trash man or a single mom working three janitor jobs lol.

  4. Hey guys, What is a movie that is considered to be style over substance but watchable because of most things that are good around it? And what is one that even though it has something good going for it it's still fucking horrible to watch?

  5. Lol well judging from P1's reaction I take it he loves my gift basket for him. I checked every liquor store and couldn't find Movie Spoilers studios, Lina I'm gonna need that address. Help me make sure TPO has the best gift ever.

  6. Another vacation damn you guys sure get a lot of free time but yet no time to review LOL. Miley Cyrus is probably throwing a bitch fit at you guys right now.

    Well everyone prepare for another late show from these spoiling bastards

  7. Wow! I must say I just listened to episode 5 and listened to episode 13 and damn. I gotta say you guys have came a long way from episode 5. I think you guys have great chemistry and I'm glad to see you guys progressing.

    P1 you use to give Lina a lot more shit on older shows. You seem to be more on her side, are you getting soft or is it because your getting old?

  8. So I heard some interesting news for both of you guys and two of your favorite films.

    Battleship & Transformers
    As we know they are both from Hasbro, well there was speculation they wanted to cross these movies over just like The Avengers.
    What do you guys think about that?