Thursday, July 11, 2013

Movie Spoilers Episode 68

On Episode 68 (THE MOST PHENOMENAL PODCAST EVER) we bring you some comments, the return of Chucky, a little bit on Ryan Reynolds, box office talk, blu-ray releases, and trailer talk with a piece of shi…um I mean Grown Ups 2. Enjoy!


  1. I love how the both of you just groaned when the trailer for Grown Ups 2 started. I think we all know we got a FUCK IT on our hands here.

  2. I have been tuning in to this podcast since the beginning. I have seen the rise all the way to one of the hosts departure to the upcoming new side of things. P1 how do you keep this going and how do you make it to where each week is successful? I started a podcast years ago but was nothing of a hit so I stopped doing it but to see what you've created has really got me pumped to get back into it. Do you have any tips you can give? I heard on Dragon and the wolf you were the reason they started their podcast and they seem to be doing just well.

    1. If I may speak for P1 I think he has an understanding of his audience. He knows what the spoiling bastards like because he is one of us. One of my all time favorite traits of this site is that he will definitely reply to an email or facebook message right away and have a beer with you. I don't think I have ever been able to see a film or hangout with anyone that I have messaged from other sites.