Thursday, August 2, 2012

Upcoming Movie Spoilers Review: Total Recall

On the next ACTION PACKED episode of Movie Spoilers, Lina and Phenom will review Total Recall starring Colin Farrell (soooo hot!!!), Kate Beckinsale (soooo British!!!), and Jessica Biel (meh...).  When you've seen the movie, vote on how you would rate it on our poll and leave a review in the comments section.

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FYI - This next episode will not be released on Sunday, our usual time. We will record on Monday.  This is to accommodate a potential special guest!

In the meantime check out our older shows below. To be continued….


  1. They're remaking Total Recall, don't care wait-JESSICA BIEL and KATE BECKINSALE. I'm there.

  2. Hey guys, just listened to every single episode this whole week and what a roller coaster its been for movies. My question is though if their was one movie you could revisit which one would it be and why? Also it has to be a movie that has received a FUCK IT!!!!

  3. What's the difference between a reboot and a remake? And what was a good/bad reboot or remake?

  4. Wow this movie has bombed so far in the US! Made 31 million on a 125 million budget for its opening weekend...what a piss-poor performance perpetrated primarily by...