Monday, August 6, 2012

Movie Spoilers 23: Total Recall feat. Grace Randolph

In today's extra ACTION PACKED show, The Phenomenal One and Lina along with super special guest GRACE RANDOLPH!!!!!! review Total Recall. We also read your comments, discuss Movie Spoiler news, go over DVD/blu-ray releases and movies opening this week, and trailer talk.  This may go down in history as one of the greatest episodes of a podcast EVER!!!

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  1. Just the dose of spoilin' beefiness with a hint of Grace Randolph I needed!

  2. And P1, I'm actually turning 4 months old. My mom says I'm really good at typing. Lol just kidding I'll be 16. I choose my words very carefully. By the way Lina did you listen to the Yeah it's that Bad After Dark 2 at Six Flags? I was crying with laughter.

  3. Talk about Yeah it's That Bad" classic but did Phenomenal One do a well done classic alliteration. Perpetrated a Piss Poor Performance Phenomenally, wow! I loved it. I know you made Lina proud with that one especially since I heard on a previous show she was the one who introduced you to Yeah it's That Bad. Like Uncaged Beefcake said love that spoilin' beefiness and having Grace Randolph on here just put you guys at a 5/5 dare I say.....BEEFCAKE

  4. Another great show, probably one of my favorites personally. I gotta say you guys work well with Grace, I know P1 would love to have her on permanent and I think I speak for all the spoiling bastards when I say so do we. Lina I must say its pretty funny you sounded so done with this movie but that was probably one of your best plot synopsis ever so great job on that.

  5. Awesome show guys, big fan of Grace probably not as much as P1 though but really glad you guys got her on the show. I would love to hear her spoil some more movies with you guys because this was an awesome review hearing you guys go off on SuckerPun er um I mean Total Recall.

  6. Lina, Kerri & THOOM chill, no disrespect or anything but I'm asking The Phenomenal One and I feel you guys are really pressuring his response. Yeah, I heard your response TPO but I know your just putting on a front and playing your character for the show. Providing laughs and being over the top is what you do best and I love that, thought it was real funny when you said to watch The Devil Inside, had me cracking up. But on a serious note send me your email address so we can talk privately that way your not being pressured by your fans and co host. Also I am not a celebrity or anything of that matter, just an average 23 year old UC Berkley graduate with plans and ambition that I know will succeed with your help plus having a father who will fund and supply us with whatever we may need.

    Thanks Again Phenomenal One and hope to hear from you soon

    1. Bruce Wayne HimselfAugust 8, 2012 at 8:19 PM

      Goddamn you just aren't getting the message are you?

    2. Excuse me!!! don't tell me to chill. Like I said before this is P1's home you bastard and we want him to stay here at Movie Spoilers to be our Spoiling Host so there.

      Great show you guys, I loved hearing you guys team up with Grace Randolph she was PHENOMENAL.

    3. P1 is like Zach Galafanakis in 'The Campaign'. Your daddy's money can't buy him.

  7. See You at the Party Ritcher!August 8, 2012 at 8:20 PM

    Grace-I almost want to give this a fuck me.
    P1- Is that an invitation?
    Oh P1 you horny spoiling host, but hey I can understand why you'd be excited if you got an invitation.

  8. Highlight of the show was P1 saying, "Is that an invitation" & "n***a rag" that was some hilarious shit but Lina's reaction was even funnier. I thought she was going to pass out from laughter. P1 you stay away from my girl but hope to see you at Long Beach Comic Con lol but stay away.

  9. Ohhh so The Phenomenal One has a liking to Grace, now that's interesting......

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  11. I'm with you all when it comes to Lord of the Rings. All three movies seemed like a blur of long battle scenes, Orcs and talking trees.

    I only saw the Third Lord of the Rings to finish it, since I spent all those hours watching the other two. It's like masturbation. Once you start, no matter how tired or disinterested you get halfway through, you gotta finish.

    Do Lina and P1, are you going to skip seeing 'The Hobbit'? I know you have skipped movies that neither of you want to see.

    I liked the 'The Campaign' a lot. Very funny movie. I went in wanting to like it, though. I have a feeling y'all didn't like it.

    I liked Bourne Legacy too. I never bought Matt Damon as a bad ass. Jeremy Renner plays badass well. Renner said he would not have taken the role if they wanted him to play Jason Bourne. But he should have. Jason Bourne is like James Bond now. They can have different people take over the role as time goes by and no one will mind.