Saturday, July 21, 2012

Upcoming Movie Spoilers Review: The Dark Knight Rises

In the next episode of Movie Spoilers, TPO and Lina will review The Dark Knight Rises. Be sure to vote on how you would rate the movie and leave a review in the comments.

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  1. UnCaged BeefcakeJuly 21, 2012 at 6:06 PM

    For me this movie is a solid 4/5. It's a very good film with terrific acting, action and imagery. All of the newcomers are great and I loved what Tom Hardy did with Bane and what Anne Hathaway did with Catwoman. Without giving away spoilers I love how Nolan introduced characters I didn't he would ever use without us noticing until the end. I did feel that the film was at times a bit too long and bloated and that the pacing sometimes was all over the place. That being said, Nolan has given us an excellent end to his masterful Dark Knight Trilogy. Deshi Basara-Rise. By the way, I cried all the times Alfred cried.

  2. Please fuck this thought gentl...oh wait. Wrong show. Anyway, nice review guys. TDKR does indeed warrant a SEE IT, despite its minor flaws. One little quibble that really bugs me, other than Bane going out like a bitch, is the "light it up" scene. It looked awesome, but I struggle find a valid reason why Batman would take his sweet ass time to make a giant, and very precise, bat logo, with the clock on that bomb ticking away. Yeah I get that he was sending a message, and that there was 12 hours left, but still. What do you guys think about the scene? Am I being too much of a nitpicky little bitch? Keep up the good work, TPO and Lina!