Sunday, April 22, 2012

Movie Spoilers 9 - Think Like a Man & The Lucky One, with special appearance by Jaylen

Hear us discuss Think Like a Man, the cast of the Carrie remake, Jaden Smith, The Lucky One, and another video by Jaylen, The Super Saiyan. Also comments, blu-ray releases and upcoming movies. And a little bit about our upcoming Avengers pre-show special.
Julianne Moore in Talks to Take Mother Role in CARRIE Remake -
Sony Plans BOY NOBODY Adaptation as Potential Franchise for Jaden Smith -
Jaylen’s Hot new single -


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  2. Holy shit cakes Batman Think Like a Man out thinks The Hunger Games. Well at least this movie is better than all Tyler Perry movie out there.

    Keep up the great work.
    Also Super Saiyan boy needs to get laid.

  3. hahaha loved that you guys read my comment on the show and Phenomenal One I'm sure you would tell me you like all those Eddie Murphy movies, but I'll do you one better for a date we can go see A Thousand Words lol so are you PHENOMENAL! OR ARE YOU JUST SIMPLE

  4. Lina & TPO, you guys just don't see the truth nor proof. Jaylen is fucking creative and a talented guy, how many people do you know who can not only turn into Super Sayain but also drop number one singles. TPO he's a lot more entertaining than you & Lina you would be craving for a guy like him. So why can't you guys get on his intellect and why are you disbelievers of the kid with the most charisma of 2012?

  5. Im surprised they got Chloe to play Carrie in the remake and not Kristen Stewarts whiny ass