Sunday, April 15, 2012

Movie Spoilers 8 feat. Mandy Savage a.k.a. Metal Virgin! - The Cabin in The Woods, Lockout, and The Three Stooges

Hear Lina, The Phenomenal One and our super special guest Mandy Savage discuss The Cabin in The Woods, J.K. Rowling’s new book, Lockout, Christopher Nolan, The Three Stooges, Arnold Schwarzenegger, upcoming Blu-Ray releases and upcoming movies. It’s an action packed show!
Check on Mandy Savages page on Spill:

J.K. Rowling’s First Adult Novel Gets a Title, Release Date, and Synopsis:
Christopher Nolan Talks 3D, Why He Shoots IMAX, His Approach to CGI, and Much More in Fascinating DGA Interview:
Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks TWINS Sequel TRIPLETS, TRUE LIES 2, and “Awful” TERMINATOR: SALVATION:
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  1. The American Pie suck ass so bad that it not funny and said to say I watch all of the three movie like a teenage jackass.

    So thank you The Phenomenal One for tell that fan to go fuck himself. Also I watch Three Stooge and I felt like my childhood was getting rape by Sandusky.

    Also Mandy Savage a.k.a. Metal Virgin was kick ass on today show I hope she drops by more offend.

    Fuck 3d movies is just another way milk stupid people for money. Also why Lina do you give The Dark Knight so much shit like my brother The Phenomenal One said. I'm not hating on you Lina it just a movie question.

  2. hahaha I love how you guys are all open in your discussions. I love podcasts where its just in your face and not holding anything back in the heat of discussions. I find The Phenomenal One's humor towards flirting with you (Lina) or you guys guest hilarious because neither one of you were interested but yet he keeps trying, gotta love his consistency. I love how you guys don't seem like the average critics but more looking out for the general public when doing your reviews. Lina your very articulate with your reviews and The Phenomenal One I feel like I could have a drink with after he finishes giving a movie a FUCK IT!!!! LOL

    Love you guys and keep up the good work

    Phenomenal One handed me a Movie Spoilers business card and flyer and he's just like his Movie Spoilers picture .......WITH A BIG GRIN AND SMILING HIS ASS OFF LOL

  3. It seems that Michael Bay is the director that TPO hates with a passion and that Transformers is the movie he hates with a passion. Well is it safe to say that we have finally found Lina's hated movie of all time with The Three Stooges and that the Farrelly brothers will be her hated directors.

  4. I bet Triplets will be good because of Eddie Murphy. Didnt you guys see Norbit, Pluto Nash, Meet Dave, and The Phenomenal One's favorite A Thousand Words

  5. Since summer is right around the corner what are some summer films you guys think will be worth seeing? Also which ones are you excited for?