Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Walking Dead (Season 2 Wrap-up)

The second season of AMC's The Walking Dead has been suspenseful to say the least, but I hear many people saying how frustrating the first half was. I'll admit some story lines went on longer than it needed to, especially when it's more talking and less zombies (or "Walker" as they are referred to in this show). In my opinion, even during it's weak points I found myself invested and engaged in the most thrilling TV show on air right now.

Following the destruction of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in season 1, Rick's son Carl is shot. This leads Rick and his group to a farm owned by a doctor named Herschel Grant. Mainly for the rest of the season Rick and his group relocates to Herschel's farm until they find Carol's missing daughter, Sophia. Their was much to grab on as far as developing Rick's wife being pregnant, Herschel's difficulties with the group, and with Glenn's relationship with Maggie. But Shane, had to be the most shocking figure of the first half of this season, especially with his transformation after killing Otis.

Although Shane's character became much more interesting, his character wasn't helping the ongoing search of Sophia which grew stale. As we all grew tired of Sophia's story arc, the unthinkable happens and they end the first half of the season finding Sophia zombified and Rick having to put her down. Suspenseful as that scene was their was much relief from fans all over that we can finally move on to something new.

Now with that out the way we moved on to more drama, more conflict and anger between Shane and Rick. This seasons ending keeps you wanting more as Shane's intended murder of Rick backfired and Rick is forced to murder his best friend. Minutes later the farm is overrun by walkers, the group tries to fight back but are completely outnumbered and are forced to flee for their lives. The burden after burden of hard choices Rick has made finally has caught up to him. As the season ends, we see him sounding more like Shane as his group looks at him in disbelief and a lost for hope.

One of the best things this show has going for is it's staying faithful to the comics by keeping major plot points, but adding twists to the story arc to keep it from being predictable. With getting a glimpse look at a fan favorite character, Michonne and a look at the prison. With all this build up towards season 3, I think I can speak for every fan and say, "I'm anxious to see what happens next."

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  1. Which one of you guys wrote this, because it is on point for what this season has been. I am a zombie lover and I think this show is one of the best shows on TV right now. As I will agree with this post that people believe it is not enough zombies, I have to say I love the human interaction and the ending which always leaves me just wanting more & more.

    Great Job you guys or whoever wrote this