Saturday, March 17, 2012

Let's Copy Things We See in Movies!!!

Seriously, Houston? Seriously????

Ok. I'm getting ahead of myself.  As some of you might have heard here and here, The Phenomenal One and I (Lina) both saw Project X and both enjoyed it.  We also discussed the upcoming sequel that's already in the works.  But at the risk of sounding redundant talking about this movie again, I could not help but discuss this article I read on

Apperently since this movie came out, there have been copy-cat parties.  That is, there are kids out there trying to throw their own epic-out-of-control parties, just like the one they saw in the movie.

Now I can kind of see why people would want to throw a party like the one in this movie.  This film did a great job of creating a party that anyone would want to be at. It's incredible. When I left the theater I was like, "Damn, I want to throw a party right now!”  

I ended just messing around on my Mac instead.  I am sooooo cool!!!!

But the reality of the situation is if this party existed in the real world (which apparently it did since the movie is based on an epic party in Australia, see video below) people would get hurt and it would get shut down much sooner than it was in the movie.  

So now that people are trying to emulate it, they are getting hurt.  One teen actually died at a party thrown in Houston! That is no joke!  Project X is pure fantasy. It showed no one getting seriously injured or dying.  It basically just showed everyone having an epic time.  The real world does not work like that.  There are consequences. 

I shouldn't even have to write this but seriously people, don't try to copy anything you see in the movies.  Movies are fake.  Real life is real.  Got it? Good.  

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