Thursday, March 10, 2016

Not Worth A Kick in the Azz Episode 69

Luke & Wayne are back with another epic show of It’s Not Worth a Kick in the Azz. This week we must address the elephant in the room with the Ghostbusters Trailer, Leo’s Academy Award speech, Luke’s Bet about Batman v Superman box office. More Famous people die on us, What’s the Point of the Beach? Also a new Segment: Movie Trial 
3:20: Leo’s Academy Award speech 
9:30 Breaking News Hitler had a small penis 
13:00 Ghostbusters Trailer (Come on you knew we had to talk about this) 
35:40 P1 get back into Fighting/wins fight 
38:40 Santa drink driving 
46:00 The Tooth Fairy explained (This gets insane people) 
53:45 RIP Tony Burton , George Kennedy, Gilbert Hill 
1:04:00 New Star Trek TV show 
1:11:00 Batman v Superman bet 
1:34:00 What’s the Point? The Beach 
1:44:00 New Segment Movie Trial: Batman Begins

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