Sunday, June 23, 2013

World War Z - Audio Review

Can even Brad Pitt get through all the bad CG to bring us the most interesting story of this years summer films? (Spoiler) P1 thinks so…..


  1. Lehew you zombie hating bastard. I'm going with TPO on this one, the CG was bad but it was far from bad to take me out of the story which was definitely compelling and interesting.

  2. Burn Lehew Burn, P1 got you on that one with the comparison to Fast and Furious 6. You give Fast and Furious 6 a SEE IT for those half assed action scenes and no story whatsoever but CG was what took you out of this movie. This by far was the better horror movie I have seen in awhile especially in that third act.

  3. Good evening gentlemen sources tell me that there was an entirely different third act filmed in Budapest where Brad Pitt never saw his family again and it would've set up a trilogy, what are your thoughts on that? And I have to disagree on the notion that the zombies were biting just to spread the virus. Had this been rated-R they'd have eaten people. I also wouldn't call this a horror movie it's an action movie that happens to have zombies. And Mr Hew I take back what I said about wolverine. Cause white house down is coming up...good luck with that and good day to both of you

    1. What are you talking about horror genre? It's a action drama with some horror elements in it because it has zombies so your already wrong. After hearing that whole zombie hate trash come out of your mouth I already knew you were bias walking into this. All I got to say is this movie was awesome, Lehew eat a zombie dick because zombies are one of the best genres out there in all forms of media.

  4. Back off Mr Hew people it's just an opinion. Let's be mature

  5. Your only defending him because P1 and you are dating or he's trying to fuck you anyway it's a free form site and The fans of Drew has spoken.