Monday, April 8, 2013

Movie Spoilers 57 - Evil Dead

On today’s episode of Movie Spoilers, P1 and Lina spoil Evil Dead. They also read your comments, go over upcoming weekend movie releases and trailer talk. 

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  1. What folks it's magic...I mean Grumpy Black Guy ha ha ha.

    Man this Evil Dead was just Meh to Who give a FUCK! This remake was so lifeless at best. The original one was crappy, but as least it had charm and some likable character.

    In this remake every characters is very much hateable. The people I really hated was Jane Levy as Mia and Shiloh Fernandez as David because of they're stupid family issue. Overall who gave a fuck about these characters

    The demon was so damn generic as hell, the movie was too serious for it's own good, and dear God ending was bullshit.

    The only thing good is gore and nothing more. I'm not big on the gore...This movie isn't scary at all. Hell Cabin in Wood better film is more scary than this shit.

    I saw the original one and I love Evil Dead 2/Army of darkness, but this remake is nothing new that we all haven't seen before. So my rating for this film is FUCK Stream IT.

    It's lifeless, very generic, hate all the characters, the 30 minute fight scene was very stupid as heck. The original is still better!

    See this remake with friend and on Netflix!

    Thanks for the show P1 and Lina the brain.

    On a side: Don't worry Lina and P1 if you guys ever turn into a zombie or demon I'll you guys with machete with lame catch phrase. (Cómo Machete)

  2. I nvever thought of it that way but I completely agree with you guys gore is almost just a gimmick as 3D now. Take that away from this movie and what do you have? SHIT.

  3. Awesome show you guys, I just love hearing Lina review horror movies now because she sounds so beaten. Also P1 when are you coming back to Vegas? I lived in Nevada but just moved to the Vegas area so I am ready for a meet up. One other thing I heard Korey on A Couple of Cold Ones saying, "The Phenomenal One is living up to his name." Now as Lina would say, "That's some high praise" so Lina in the 1yr + that you've known P1 do you think he's lived up to his name? Can't wait to hear this discussion.

  4. I just want you guys to know that ya'll have two more Tyler Perry movies coming out this year. One in May and one in December, just thought I would give you guys a heads up lol.

  5. So I'm guessing you guys opinion on horror movies being a joke is still standing tall with you guys. Will you guys ever be involved in panels or have your own at these certain events instead of just being there? Guess what I'm trying to say is will you guys be even more interactive at events such as Wondercon or Comic Con? I wanna see that especially getting to see P1 live.

  6. What's one of the weirdest movie experience you guys have ever had? I'm talking about from the purchase of your ticket all the way to the end of the credits.

  7. Being the "SPOILING HOSTS" What are you guys thoughts on spoiling things on the internet? For me it doesn't really upset me like it does other people so I just wanted to know your guys thoughts on this.

  8. It's so typical that you didn't watch the original The Evil Dead until just now Lina and how did you become a host. P1 you can stop the act other people may have forgotten but I know it's your teaming up with. I can tell you now people that isn't gonna happen. P1 is so unorganized and is bad at putting a schedule together. Why don't you take a page from Nick Hodges? Him and Simon already have the London party set up where I'm sure you have got nothing.