Sunday, October 28, 2012

Movie Spoilers Special - The Twilight Saga

On today's ultra super special episode of Movie Spoilers, Lina & The Phenomenal One discuss the Twilight Saga in preparation of the final Twilight film, Breaking Dawn - Part 2. They talk about all the past films, thoughts on the actors, watch some hilarious Twilight related YouTube videos, and read your comments. Is this show Action Packed??? You gotdamn right it is!!!
How Could You Do This Krisen?! -
Kristen Stewart Explains Cheating -


  1. I love how when Lina tries to say something nice about the movies, P1 just laughs or snickers. P1 is Twilight a joke to you? lol

  2. What is up my Movie Spoilers folks. I'll be very happy once this nightmare of a movie series is over. Sadly this nightmare known as Twilight will live on as TV series. For love of mankind makes this nightmare go away.

    Also I hope you Lina (The Brains) and TP1 (The Muscle) are doing well and far away from crazy storm.

  3. Sorry Lina I gotta agree with TPO on this one but I believe his ending wish would happen way before yours will with them finally 'ACTING.'